About Us


W3ORDERS.COM is C# ASP.NET, bootstrap SQL Web based application.

  • It's support in multiple location, multiple users and online ordering.
  • Customer can place oders from website and follow up thier orders status
  • Ingredients Reduce when item sold.
  • Kitchen Display
  • Delivery Display
  • Order Invoice
  • Crystal Receipt
  • Ticket print for: Customer- Waiter .


  • Internet access
  • PC , Lap top , Tablet OR Mobile
  • Registered account with available balance


Pricing policy
We have the best pricing policy, our principle is "YOU WIN...WE WIN"
You pay only when you gain ... below is the summary of our pricing policy
  • Just you register You will have balance with 10 USD as a BONUS .
  • For each order 0.1 USD will be deducted from your balance with maximum 3 USD per day
  • All orders after 3 USD deducted will be free charge for the same day
  • You required to have enough balance to be able to add new orders
  • You will get credit twice the amount charged the first time after registration.
  • We charge per order , no relation between order amount and charged amount
  • No refundable amounts
  • When you register you will have 10 USD balance as abonus which means 100 Order(0.1/Order)
  • Assume that your first charged is 100 USD then you will have 100 USD as abonus
  • Your balance will be increased with 100+100 = 200 USD(2000 Orders)
  • If the total deducted amount reached 3 USD on one day then all next orders for this day are free charge
  • The bonus balance is available only for your first charge

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Doha, Qatar

Phone Number

+974 500 88 725